Bulk packed

We sell bulk packaging for the following 3 products:

1.  Dead Sea Salts
* Human consumption
A) Dead Sea Iodized table salt (white )
       Packing:  25 kg bags
B) Dead Sea Cooking salt (Dark white )
Packing:  25 kg bags

* Non-human consumption
A) Dead Sea Bath Salt ( Carnalite salts )
Packing:  25 kg bags
B) Dead Sea salt for swimming pools
Packing:  50 kg bags
C) Dead Sea Salt for icy roads 
Packing:  50 kg pp bags

2.  Dead Sea Mud
A) Dead Sea sterilized  Mud (body mud)
Packing:  55 kg barrels
B) Dead Sea sterilized Mud (facial mud)
Packing:  55 kg barrels

3.  Dead Sea Soap (100gr bar):
A) Dead Sea   Black mud soap
      Packing: transparent pp (100 bars per box)
B) Dead Sea white  Salt soap
Packing:  transparent pp (100 bars per box)

*Minimum order for those products is a full 20 foot container mix or one type of assorted goods
*Mix of all types of products in one container is possible