Bath Salt

Before talking about  the wide range of products which we can supply we must start with the background of our producer,..

Our producer started production of Dead Sea Salt in 1990
The products are manufactured in the Jordan Valley close to the Dead Sea.
The producer has his own, over the years well known brand, which is now available in several countries worldwide. The products all comply with standards conform to EC and FDA regulations .

The company seeks, pays attention and is always eager to develop its products In order to do so,  it applies a Quality Management System which has led the producer being ISO 9001: 2000 certified. In addition, in the pursuit of excellence, their products are recognized in all markets they penetrated. Over the years after extensive work and constant innovation the producer has won several International prices in EU, USA and Jordan.

Their mission “to produce unique natural products, which meet the customers’needs and requirements, in an innovative way and creative way, in order to bring the wonderful added benefit of the Dead Sea minerals to the hands of our consumers throughout a diversified range of products”.

Their manufacturing philosophy:
* use of the Dead Sea Natural ingredients ( mineral salts, mud and spring water)
* use recyclable packaging( only where the recycling processes don’t hurt the environment)
* use natural aroma-therapy essential oils and herbal extracts obtained from bio-organic agricultural plants, to produce a powerful new force in cosmetic formulations.
* no testing on animals
* no use of animal ingredients

Our products are categorized in 3 parts:
* Human Consumption
– table and cooking salts
* Cosmetics
– bath salts , soaps, mud masks
* Industrial use
– Thermal and Health Spa Centers
– Swimming pools
– De-icing

Proudly we can say that over the years our products (private and producer label)  found their way into the professional beauty salons and spa’s and we would like to continue to do so.